About Juliet Dunne

Juliet is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Dubai with over 15 years of experience. Born in 1984 and raised in the UAE, Juliet completed her higher education in the UK where she studied all disciplines of art at Cleveland College of Art and Design before going on to University to Complete photography and graphic Design. On her return to Dubai, Juliet was fortunate enough to work with all manner of subject, including portraits, still life, lifestyle, fashion, interiors and food.
Her work has been published regularly in publications such as VOGUE Arabia, Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Mindfood Style, Cake, CondéNast Travel, Grazia, Esquire, Habitat, Caterer amongst others. Whilst comfortable working on a variety of subjects, over recent years, Juliet has honed her skills in the areas of food and interiors photography and this is really where her passion lies. She has shot for many major global brands and restaurants and has even been instrumental in helping to craft a style and direction for other home-grown brands that are now major players in the region. She takes pride in the accolade of being amongst only a handful of specialised food photographers in the UAE and that her work is well respected and highly sought after. Her photography has taken her all over the world and she has worked on exciting projects throughout the Middle East, India, Hong Kong, Turkey, Bali and London. When she’s not working, Juliet loves to travel and is never too far from the sea – ocean conservation is a subject close to her heart and one she is fiercely passionate about. Juliet pursues underwater photography in her spare time but is also one of the few professionals offering commercial underwater photography in the region.